February 05, 2007
Since the launch of our mail art call on immigration 231 works have been received from 26 countries :-)
Thanks all for your participation, we will soon reveal the selected mail artists.

Allemagne/ Germany / Alemania
Kremz Annett
Mildbrandt Christian
Fuhrmann, Thorsten
Grundmann, Elke

Angleterre / England
Warren Simon
Scratchmann Max

Argentine / Argentina
Antonana Maria Fernanda
Bocca, Silvia
Lissa Silvia
Montalvetti, Samuel
Vallejo Monica

Autriche / Austria
Schramm Wilhelm

Belgique / Belgium / Belgica
Fierens Luc
Swerts Orfee
Vermeulen Guido
Eippers Nicole

Brésil / Brazil
Bof Reis, Theresinha
Caetano, Sirlei
Deo, Miranda
De Castro Zanchin, Rejane
Do Carmo Toniolo Kuhn, Maria
Dirce Missel de Jesus, Terezinha
Domongos Bete
Ecker Kohler, Jeanete
Herbest, Eny
Leite Kronbauer, Jussara
Mattioli Leite, Neiva
Mertens, Adelaide
Poltosi, Nadia
Presotto, Vera Regina
Radé, Mara Eliane
Ribas Marinho Dorian
Ritter, Iria Ana
Saltiel, Iara
Saltiel Renck, Marilia
Sonaglio, Heloisa M
Sperandio Balconi, Jane Beatriz
Tome Sidney
Thomé, Nevsa

Begin-Larocque, Alexandre
Boutin, Johanne
Brunet, Elodie
Cholette, Marie-Eve
Côté, Sandrine
Desmarteau, Sabrina
Dubois, Karine
Dumesnil, Boris
Dunn, Elizabeth
Dunn, E
Filion, Stephane
Fournier, Stephanie
Kim Thanh Huynk
Kwan, Lorraine
La Tao Vinh
Lapointe, Catherine
Levesque, Justine
Marie-Sophie ???
Morel, Jean-Francois
O'Murphy, Gabrielle
Pinard, Cynthia
Rondeau, Maryline
Secours, Marc-Olivier
Vaillant, Raphaele

Jappy, Fiona

Espagne / Spain/ España
Blanco, Jose
Boek 861
Botana, Carlos I
Calvo Galan, Augustin
de Culla, Daniel
Doval Porto, Inma
Fores, F. Xavier
Gimenez, Ramon
Jesus Manuel
Jimenez Miguel
Kaos Pro
Manoel Barreiro
Orihuela, Antonio
Santos Cespedes, Julian

Equateur/Equator/ Ecuador
Dalgo, Patricio
De Vivero, Micaela

Kainulainen Tiina
Tiilila, Paul

France / Francia
Charmot, Denis
Coraboeuf, Eric
Courtois, Vincent
Della Vedova, Michel
Fiedler Serge (2)
Fournier, Claudine
Fossé, Fabrice (2)
Graindorge, Sylvie
Hulin, Pascale
Madrange, Leila
Mora Béa
Porry, Martine
Potte, Jean-Noël
Quintard Muriel (4)
Rouch, Valérie

Dimaki, Maria
Papachristou, Ioanna

Italie / Italy
Baracchi, Tiziana
Bellini, Bibi
Davalli, Daniele
Ettore, Tomas
Giovanni StraDA DA Ravenna
Nadia ???
Riccetti, Giuseppe
Studio ZetaU
Volpicella, Carlo

Japon / Japan
Cohen, Ryosuke
Simone Gianni

Adeleke Musiliu Adegboyega

Norvège / Norway / Noruega
Svozilik, Jaromir

Cesareo Young

Pays-Bas / The Netherlands
Van Trollebol, Kat
Van Haastevren, Kavan

Pologne/ Poland
Teodor Ajder
Pawel Petasz

Rusu, Liliana

Serbie/ Serbia
Acimovic, Branko
Suvic, Zivka
Mali, Slavko

Turquie / Turkey
GUNES Sinasi
Sabriye Celik

Italiano J.A
Padin Clemente

Anake, Maria
Arrieta, Diane
Altemus Reed
Art Class of Dordt College of Sioux Center, IA (11)
Bennett John
Beveridge Stephen
Bouse Amy
Bristow Pati
Burton, Laura
C Lou
Clark Roxanne
Davis Christina
Giron, Frances
Keenan, Nadia
Loumagee Cindy
Mo, Zayro
Moran, Aidan
Napala, Phil
Rohena, Vilma
Shmuel (4)
State of Being
Townsend, Emily
Tucker Robert
Satin, Claire Jeanine
Schneider Julie
Schildler, Rosalind
Petrov Daniel
Young Lisa (2)
Mead Stephen
Yeon T, Son
Zunzun Valeria (2)

Bortot, Angel
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Valeria & I are working on the conception of the book right now. We are waiting, still, for some answers by selected mail artists.

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The Mail Art Call is now finished


MAIL ART PROJECT 31.12.06/Immigration
Sophie Blachet, director of Art Vitam and Valeria Pouza, independent curator, are seeking Mail Art works for an ongoing Mail Art Project book on the theme of immigration.

The Mail Art Project will proceed in two phases:

Phase One
The Mail Art Project will collect over a period of six months beginning in June 2006, a range of mail art works sent royalty free to be published in book form. Only 100 works will be chosen for inclusion in the book entitled “Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration”.
All works will be, however, exhibited online at
Deadline for the project is 31 December 2006.
Phase Two
Beginning of January 2007, Blachet and Pouza will choose 100 works received for publication in the book.
Selected artists will be contacted either by regular mail, e-mail or phone by the end of January 2007.

The Details: The Mail Art Project 31.12.2006/Immigration
Theme: Immigration. Coming, going, staying, living, borders, boundaries, legal, illegal… it’s your call.
Format: Anything goes, from postcards, envelopes, to large format works on board and works on paper.
No entry fee.
Works will be juried, and not returned but exhibited and documented online.
Deadline: 31 Dec 2006

The Book
The book will include one full page reproduction of the work with description of the work, name of artist and artist details (in three languages).
Each selected artists will receive a book.
Printer to be announced

If you are interested in participating, please send works to:
Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration
P.O Box 975
Miami Beach, FL 33119 USA

For more information please contact
In English/French: sophie (AT)
In Spanish/ Español: mailart(AT)

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