October 07, 2006
  Frances Giron

Received from Frances Giron of Arvada, Colorado (USA)
Two postcards with on each a photography related to immigration.
On the back of each she wrote up her inspirations for the pieces.

1- "A Nation of Nations", mixed media
"Romero or McGuire or Tomaski. Where is that name from? Don;t we hear that all the time? Is it that important to distinguish ourselves from one another Hell the rest if the world doesn;t care; we're all those damn Americans. All those immigrants thrown into one hated group-no matter waht nation our forefathers are from. So in turn we are a nation of nations, under one flag. Just one flag is burn by our enemies and we all pledge ourselves to it"

2- "United" mixed media
" The Puerto Ricans don't like the Mexicans. The Mexicans don't like the Cubans. The Cubans don't like ti Dominicans.
We know the subtle distinctions and call it national pride. But in fighting the little battles, we lose the greater war. To bigots, a brown is the same color.
All our music is "that mariachi crap on the radio" before switching the stations.
All our food is an excuse for a lame Taco Bell joke-"Drop the Chalupa!"
All our men are lazy and our women scantily dressed, popping our babies.
And all our Spanish is "why don't you people learn English?"
United we stand, divided we fall"

  Diane Arrieta

Received from Diane Arrieta, Pittsburgh, PA
This pro immigration mail art is a photography of mixed media sculpture (13"x8"x6") with a text on immigration.

Reçu de Diane Arrieta de Pittsburgh, PA.
Ce mail art pro-immigration est une photographie d'une petite sculpture de 13x8x6 pouces, à l'arrière un texte sur l'immigration.

October 05, 2006
  Christian Mildbrandt (2)

Received from Christian Mildbrandt, a second participation card.
As always a great card.
Christian Mildbrandt lives in Berlin, Germany.
His website:

Seconde participation recue de Christian Mildbrandt, comme d'habitude une chouette carte.
Christian Mildbrandt vit a Berlin, Allemagne.
Son site:

Valeria & I are working on the conception of the book right now. We are waiting, still, for some answers by selected mail artists.

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The Mail Art Call is now finished


MAIL ART PROJECT 31.12.06/Immigration
Sophie Blachet, director of Art Vitam and Valeria Pouza, independent curator, are seeking Mail Art works for an ongoing Mail Art Project book on the theme of immigration.

The Mail Art Project will proceed in two phases:

Phase One
The Mail Art Project will collect over a period of six months beginning in June 2006, a range of mail art works sent royalty free to be published in book form. Only 100 works will be chosen for inclusion in the book entitled “Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration”.
All works will be, however, exhibited online at
Deadline for the project is 31 December 2006.
Phase Two
Beginning of January 2007, Blachet and Pouza will choose 100 works received for publication in the book.
Selected artists will be contacted either by regular mail, e-mail or phone by the end of January 2007.

The Details: The Mail Art Project 31.12.2006/Immigration
Theme: Immigration. Coming, going, staying, living, borders, boundaries, legal, illegal… it’s your call.
Format: Anything goes, from postcards, envelopes, to large format works on board and works on paper.
No entry fee.
Works will be juried, and not returned but exhibited and documented online.
Deadline: 31 Dec 2006

The Book
The book will include one full page reproduction of the work with description of the work, name of artist and artist details (in three languages).
Each selected artists will receive a book.
Printer to be announced

If you are interested in participating, please send works to:
Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration
P.O Box 975
Miami Beach, FL 33119 USA

For more information please contact
In English/French: sophie (AT)
In Spanish/ Español: mailart(AT)

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