July 21, 2006
  Reed Altemus

Stamps received from Reed Altemus, Maine, USA.
Those are the fluxus mask's stamps.
Reed Altemus has also set some interesting projects.

Timbres reçus de Reed Altemus, Maine, USA.
Ceux-sont les timbres "masques fluxus"
Reed Altemus a également envoyés des projets très intéressants.

Sellos recibidos de Reed Altemus, Maine, USA.
Los sellos representan las máscaras de fluxus.
Reed Altemus también mandó con los sellos información sobre proyectos muy interesantes.

Reed Altemus
P.O Box 52
Portland, ME 04112
  Tiina Kainulainen

Postcard received from Tiina Kainulainen who lives in Finland.
The card represents a couple in love. Love should not have borders. Love should not be stopped by a border.

Carte postale reçue de Tiina Kainuelanien qui habite en Finlande.
Sa carte dessinée représente un couple qui s'aime. L'amour n'a pas de frontière, l'amour ne devrait pas être arrêté par une frontière.

Postal recibida de Tiina Kainuelanien desde Finlandia.
En su postal dibujó una pareja amándose. El amor no tiene fronteras, y ninguna frontera debería parar el amor.

July 19, 2006
  Darrell U Black
Piece received from Darrell U Black, american artist who lives in Frankfurt, Germany.
The ink and pen on paper work is titled "I'm selective"
Reçu de Darrell U Black, artiste américain qui vit à Francfort, Allemagne.
Cette oeuvre sur papier travaillée à l'encre et au crayon est intitulée "I'm selective"
Trabajo recibido de Darrell U Black, artista americano que vive en Alemania.
July 18, 2006

from C.Lou
annoted on back:
"there's room for anyone who wants to make his home. Why the fences?"
Poscard received from Arkansas.

de C.Lou
Annotation au dos:
(traduit)"il y a de place pour ceux qui voudront s'installer. POurquoi ces barrières?"
Carte postale reçue d'Arkansas.

Check C.Lou's website / Visitez le site de C.Lou:

Valeria & I are working on the conception of the book right now. We are waiting, still, for some answers by selected mail artists.

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The Mail Art Call is now finished


MAIL ART PROJECT 31.12.06/Immigration
Sophie Blachet, director of Art Vitam and Valeria Pouza, independent curator, are seeking Mail Art works for an ongoing Mail Art Project book on the theme of immigration.

The Mail Art Project will proceed in two phases:

Phase One
The Mail Art Project will collect over a period of six months beginning in June 2006, a range of mail art works sent royalty free to be published in book form. Only 100 works will be chosen for inclusion in the book entitled “Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration”.
All works will be, however, exhibited online at
Deadline for the project is 31 December 2006.
Phase Two
Beginning of January 2007, Blachet and Pouza will choose 100 works received for publication in the book.
Selected artists will be contacted either by regular mail, e-mail or phone by the end of January 2007.

The Details: The Mail Art Project 31.12.2006/Immigration
Theme: Immigration. Coming, going, staying, living, borders, boundaries, legal, illegal… it’s your call.
Format: Anything goes, from postcards, envelopes, to large format works on board and works on paper.
No entry fee.
Works will be juried, and not returned but exhibited and documented online.
Deadline: 31 Dec 2006

The Book
The book will include one full page reproduction of the work with description of the work, name of artist and artist details (in three languages).
Each selected artists will receive a book.
Printer to be announced

If you are interested in participating, please send works to:
Mail Art Project 31.12.06/Immigration
P.O Box 975
Miami Beach, FL 33119 USA

For more information please contact
In English/French: sophie (AT)
In Spanish/ Español: mailart(AT)

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